Credit Bureau Asia

Our Vision

We aspire to provide world-class credit bureau services through strategic partnerships in Asia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote higher levels of information transparency, stronger credit responsibility and enhanced credit vigilance among both consumers and corporates through the credit bureaus we operate in Asia.


Our Expertise

Over the past 25 years, Credit Bureau Asia has formed close strategic partnerships with various external stakeholders including governmental and national trade agencies, bank associations and multi-national companies in establishing leading credit bureaus in the Asian region.

As we appreciate the diversity and differences across the various Asian countries, our credit bureau operations are established and tailored to the needs of each nation through the perspectives of both regulators, commercial and public stakeholders.

With our rapidly growing business footprint across the region, we have gained the recognition as the dominant credit bureau operator for each country. Apart from delivering world-class credit bureau solutions, we have also developed the necessary business infrastructure from ground zero required for effective operations of credit bureaus in both developed and emerging markets.

We have applied our expertise in establishing feasible and profitable credit bureau models to various commercial and credit reporting agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Philippines.

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CBA's REgional Footprint

CBA is on a continuous expedition to expand its regional presence towards other countries.

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